God keep our land

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals won a decisive majority government, yesterday capturing 184 seats. The Conservatives, who were seeking their fourth consecutive mandate, now form the Official Opposition with 99 seats. The NDP hold 44, the BC 10 and the Green part hold 1, respectively.

Without question, no political system is perfect, including ours, yet we can be thankful that we can exercise the right to vote. Regardless of how we all went to the polls yesterday, today we find ourselves with a new opportunity to revisit our trust in God’s wisdom, sovereignty and common grace as our government reorganizes itself under new leadership.

While the months and years following a change of government can be uncertain, we find rest in the certainty that nothing happens apart from our Father’s loving, wise and sovereign hand. He reserves the right to both engage and preside over His creation as He wills. He uses what He wills. In every government throughout history, both the honourable and dishonourable, God has worked all things toward the good and salvation of His children and for His own glory.

Some Christians ascribe to the idea that we need a Christian leader who functions like a modern day Josiah, re-instituting the ways of God, and that Christians should be in prominent places of influence everywhere, hence christianizing the culture. Others live inside the church, so engaged in Christian activity they are disconnected from the city, living life from church event to church event.

I would like to propose an alternate way to think about the church and culture as we find ourselves on the other side of the election. Regardless of your political bent, I hope that this gospel-recalibration will encourage you.

The scriptures consistently teach that the affairs of human culture are temporary, provisional, and bound to pass away. The scriptures have a high view of both the Christian’s worship before God and our cultural activity for our neighbour. We are encouraged and invited throughout the scriptures to live thoughtful and God-pleasing lives for the betterment of our city.

The cultural mandate of the 1st Adam has been fulfilled in the 2nd Adam. There is no 3rd Adam. God is not redeeming a system for Himself, He’s redeeming people to Himself.

Christ, the second Adam accomplished fully what the first Adam did not, which means that all of human history is on a trajectory of restoration. That does not look like a perfect leader, a perfect system or a perfect political platform. Restoration, as God envisions it, is well beyond the scope of Trudeau, Harper, Muclair, Duceppe and May. We pray for Trudeau, the party leaders and our nation while we set our sights higher.

In His sovereignty, God has always used governments for His purposes. We can’t presume to know what those purposes are, because as creatures and not the Creator, we have always been on a need-to-know basis.

Dependancy on God is a restful place to be. Everything that is both given to us and withheld from us, is from God’s loving and wise hand. As moderns, we don’t like sovereignty because we crave sovereignty. We do well to remember that we can’t divorce God’s sovereignty from His perfect justice and amazing grace. God’s sovereignty is not cold Greek fatalism whereby our day to day choices are irrelevant because He’s is pulling all the strings. Neither is His sovereignty distant deism where He sits above us, uninvolved with us.

God’s sovereignty is good news for us because He reveals Himself as both God over us and God with us.

The sovereignty of our God is loving, Fatherly engagement toward His children in both times of joy and suffering. As the church, we are called to engage with our culture and be involved in our cities to serve them for their betterment.

So my friend, whether you woke up today celebrating the election results or bemoaning them, know this – your life is in very, very good hands.

“First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.” ~ I Timothy 1:2

Press on,


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