KW Redeemer meets in a high school downtown. I preach on a basketball court and behind me is this old scoreboard. It’s dark, dead, lifeless – and I’m so happy it’s there.

It’s darkened state screams ‘GAME OVER!’

GAME OVER on fear of punishment for your sin.
GAME OVER on needing to earn God’s blessing.

God doesn’t accept growth or progress – only perfection.
Perfect worship to Him.
Perfect love toward your neighbour.

That’s the bad news.

Here’s the good news.

Because you are united to Christ – God is not keeping score.

In His grace, He provided the perfection that His justice requires. [2] The shocking transfer at the heart of the gospel, is that Christ took what we deserve and in turn we will receive what He deserves.

Christ was righteous by nature, we are declared righteous by grace. Yes, even though our substance remains sinful, our status is irreversibly righteous because we are united to Christ by grace and through faith alone. Yes, God’s grace is scandalous and yes, this good news is true.

The cross is where perfect His perfect justice and perfect mercy intersect. [3] This means that God’s wrath against your sin has been satisfied in Christ. You are not going to pay the penalty for the sin that Christ already paid for on your behalf. [4] 

God’s rescuing grace toward us is the very power that does reforming work in us so that we desire to live to the glory of His grace.

Listen! Because you are united to Christ – God is not keeping score.

Works-based religious doctrines (since 50AD) insist that God is keeping score. They say, ‘Keep God’s law and be blessed, don’t keep it and be cursed.’ [5]

That’s not a subpar gospel message, that’s an anti-gospel message.

Why? Because Christ fulfilled God’s law and that means we have an entirely different relationship with obedience to God’s law. According to the gospel, we don’t obey for God’s blessing but from it. God isn’t holding out on you. [5b]

Hey! Listen!  Because you are united to Christ – God is not keeping score.

The apostle Paul’s opponents rejected this. They insisted that unless you kept God’s law, all bets were off and you couldn’t have assurance that you were OK before God. They insisted that you kept yourself in God’s good books through your works. That teaching erased the cross and kept the church exhausted on a treadmill of performance, driven by either the fear of God’s punishment or the promise of His reward.

Human action does not improve divine achievement. The cross was not a starter kit.

Hey! Hey!  Hey! LISTEN! Because you are united to Christ – God is not keeping score.


You are loved.
You are forgiven.
You are free.

There is nothing left for us to do but to glorify God and enjoy Him forever!

Press on,


[1] Romans 3
[2] Ephesians 2:8-9
[3] II Corinthians 5
[4] Galatians 3
[5] The entire letter to the Galatians … but I’m referring specifically to Ch 1.
[5b] Romans 8:32

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