2019 Annual Membership Meeting


This audio recording along with the accompanying handouts was presented at the 2018 Annual Membership Meeting for KW Redeemer.


Church Budget: The church budget was constructed based upon similar Canadian church plants in the Grace Network, a church planting ministry operating within the Eastern Canada Presbytery.

Salaries: Salary structures in the PCA are determined based on factors such median family income and cost of living in the Canadian city the church is located in. The Eastern Canada presbytery provides these salary ranges and KW Redeemer aims to align with the best practices in the denomination.

Future Staff: We aim to be a missional church with a continual emphasis on evangelism. This will require appropriate staffing beyond the position of senior pastor. Our demographic will also determine staffing needs so that we can appropriately minister to, train and equip our congregation for ministry. One item to note: the figures presented in this document exploring a future, part time staff have been broken down into the monthly expenses associated with that hire.

Future Worship Facility: At this time, it is financially advantageous to continue to rent from the Community Centre, though the long term strategy is to establish permanence in KW for generations and purchase a facility to be used for both worship and mission. One of our ministry values is city engagement, therefore a facility purchase would involve strategic planning around how it would further the mission, be a blessing to community and be a vehicle for the spread fo the gospel.

Any questions can be directed to our CRA board chair, Doug Heaman.


2019 Annual Report keynote slides

2019 Annual Report – financials