Faith & Reason are Friends.

Jesus Christ, for many people, is understood as a moral teacher, champion of the underdog and all around nice guy. He said a lot of “love your neighbour” type things, wasn’t afraid to sit at the social outcast table and unlike the religious-who’s-who, Jesus got invited to hang out at parties. The thing is, Jesus also said a lot of things that disqualify Him from being just another sage in a long line of tunic clad gurus. He said things like, “I saw Satan fall from lighting from heaven” [1] and “If… Read More

Solomon: A philosopher who did his own stunts

Whether you like his films or not, you have to respect the commitment that Tom Cruise has in giving the audience a tremendous spectacle. There’s no green screens. He’s jumping out of the plane. He’s riding that motorcycle through oncoming traffic. He’s running across the top of buildings and jumping from one to another. He’s breaking his nose and his ankles in the process. He’s driving the car. He’s sliding the car backwards down a flight of stairs. He’s climbing up the rope into the helicopter. He’s flying the helicopter. The book… Read More

The Jesus Of No Importance

CS Lewis (1898-1963) was a philosophic writer with an atheistic worldview. Before coming to faith in Christ, Lewis was full of excellent arguments, intelligent questions and nagging doubts that kept Him from believing the Christian gospel. Perhaps you are a person of non faith who can relate. Perhaps as philosopher Charles Taylor once put it, you are haunted by occasional temptations to believe in the divine. Between 1941 and 1944 Lewis did a series of apologetic talks on the BBC radio which were later compiled and put into a book entitled, Mere… Read More