Great Question.

Last night I was out having wings with a young guy who had a barrage of questions … How do we know the scriptures are authoritative? How can we claim the resurrection actually happened? I heard God blesses people who give money & curses those who don’t- does the bible teach that? What about miracles? If Adam and Eve were created in perfection, how did they sin? Hasn’t science already disproved the existence of God? … it was quite the convo. Millennials aren’t afraid to ask questions – which is fantastic. Christian faith is… Read More

Sexual Satisfaction

They say that music and sexuality have a long history. Whoever they are, they’re probably right. The cringe-inducing innuendo “let’s make music together” wouldn’t exist otherwise, right? Well, that and people with letters after their names have written extensively on the subject for decades. Artists have always had a flair for expressing themselves in the most creative ways. Artistically, they’re free to create whatever music they want, but fundamentally, they’re not free to create music however they want. For instance, they can’t play or sing any combination of notes in any order they… Read More