Elder Nomination Form

The following is a transcript from our night of prayer for elder nominations. Please read this and make your eldership nominations by WEDNESDAY OCTOBER 4, 2017


As a membership, we are all prayerfully nominating individuals we believe are qualified to serve as elders. KW Redeemer’s external elder board (Dan McDonald & Connan Kublik) have recommended that I invite 4-6 candidates to begin eldership training, if that many are willing and able.

I have been carefully observing and praying for the Lord to raise up elders here at KW Redeemer since our launch in 2015. Dan & Connan recommended that I look for those who are already demonstrating the heart of elders as it relates to care for the church, passion for the gospel, willingness to make sacrifices of personal time to minister to others and are mature in their faith with a knowledge of the scriptures. They recommended that such individuals be invited into further training to equip them for eldership and care for Christ’s church.

Those nominated for eldership will be approached and asked if they are willing and able to serve.

Members who sense an inward call to eldership and believe they meet the qualifications, by God’s grace,  are welcome to express their desire to serve as an elder. 1 Timothy 3:1 describes this as “desiring a noble thing.”

Dan and Connan have recommended that if, in my best judgement, one nominated is not yet ready or suited for eldership, I should use my discretion and not have that nominee enter into the training process at this time. After receiving the nominations from the membership, I will prayerfully consider them, discuss them with Dan and Connan and announce the willing candidates to the membership. If you nominate a candidate who I do not invite into the process, I welcome you to ask me for an explanation, but respect that my reasoning may be confidential and unable to be shared.

If you are concerned that I am not exercising wisdom in this process or have demonstrated a lack of integrity in who I invite into the training process for eldership, you are welcome to appeal to my elders and we can discuss your concerns together: dan@gracetoronto.ca | connan@newcity-church.com.

The training process for eldership is estimated to take 1 year. This will vary as I work with the schedules to accommodate all those in training. KW Redeemer has been advised by other seasoned church planters in the Grace Network to be thorough and patient, taking adequate time and due process in the critical task of identifying, training and setting in elders.


I intend to meet with the candidates monthly for training. The details of those meetings will be determined by schedules of candidates. I will flex my schedule to serve their training.


Bible | Systematic Theology | Apologetics
Our elders must be proficient in knowing the scriptures, systematic theology and apologetics. This is so that they can pastor along side me in making disciples, serving the spiritual growth of KW Redeemer.

Pastoral Care
The training for the candidates training will be both academic and practical. The counsel of God’s Word will be studied and applied as candidates will engage in pastoral care, counsel and encouraging the church with me.

KW Redeemer Mission: We desire to build an outward facing, missional church in KW by dedicating the church’s resources of time, talent and money in order to accomplish this. Candidates for eldership will begin engaging in our current board meetings to discuss finances and engage in discussions on ways we we can execute our mission in our city through evangelism and compassion, as well as foster community at Redeemer. 

NOMINATIONS – now closed