KW Redeemer was established on Easter Sunday, April 5, 2015. We are affiliated with the Presbyterian Church in Eastern Canada and the Grace Network.

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We exist to declare and demonstrate the good news of the gospel.

We aim to preserve the gospel through faithful teaching and spread the gospel through church planting. Practically speaking, we have four ministry values that shape the way we do ministry in our church and for our city. These four values are:
(1) Declaring the gospel (2) Walking in love (3) Compassion for those in need (4) City engagement

In Luke 24, Christ declared that He is the fulfillment of all Scripture and that unless we look at the Scriptures in light of how He fulfilled them for us, they cannot be understood. Therefore, God grace toward us in Christ is central in our teaching. The gospel is both the good news that invites us into Christian faith and the power by which we live it out.

At the time of the Reformation, there were 5 teachings from scripture that summarized the gospel and were integral in helping the church recover the good news in a dark time in church history. Known as the 5 ‘solas’ (Latin for ‘alone’) these teachings describe why Sundays are a day of celebration for us at KW Redeemer. Simply put, they are that (1) salvation is by grace alone, (2) through faith alone (3) in Christ alone, (4) to the glory of God alone, (5) according to the Scriptures alone.

The Westminster Confession is a faithful summary of the doctrinal standards for the church.  A very brief statement of faith can be read here.