Ministry Training Resources

Sunday May 27th, 1:00pm-3:00pm
Paul and Susan’s home.

Discussion for our next meeting:
During our church planting training with the MNA (Mission to North America), I worked through a resource entitled “Centre Church” on how to plant gospel centred church in the city. A resource of Redeemer’s City to City, an organization that has planted 100’s of churches globally. There are three important stages to every church plant:

(1) Doctrine – “What we believe”
(2) Theological Vision – “How we see”
(3) Ministry Expression – “What we do”.

Considering these things in light of ministry in KW will be our point of discussion together followed by a time of prayer for the church and the city.

To prepare for the next meeting:
There will not be any additional reading for the next meeting. Continue to work your way through the resources and questions below.

Session 1 – The Doctrines of Grace & The Authority of Scripture

We know that salvation is by grace alone. While we seek to understand God’s word, we concede that we, as finite beings cannot comprehensively comprehend an infinite God. The scriptures clearly reveal that (1) God is sovereign and (2) we are responsible and the scriptures to not resolve this tension. Therefore, we study these texts with humble hearts that marvel at grace because we know that we love Him because He first loved us.

Ordu Salutis – How “The order of salvation” puts God’s grace on display

Predestined to Adoption – the doctrine of “grace alone” unpacked

Evidence for an authoritative Bible

Westminster Catechism


Consider how you would answer the following questions:
1. How would you counsel a church member who questions their salvation on the basis of their inability to overcome persistent sin?

2. How would you engage a skeptic who refuses to believe on the basis of historical, rampant sin and scandal in the church?

3. How would you counsel a church member who is indifferent to their sin based upon the insistence that Christ’s sacrifice is sufficient to cover it – past, present and future?

4. How would you engage a skeptic who thinks that God is unjust and unloving because He doesn’t simply save everyone. How can God be loving if hell exists?

5. Many Christians are afraid to share the gospel because they do not know how to grapple with the problem of evil. How would you explain the problem of evil to someone who is of the mind that God “created sin” and therefore cannot be holy – or all good – as the bible claims?

6. If God alone saves us by grace alone – why should the members of KW Redeemer pray for our city and live as ministers endeavouring to walk out the Great Commission together, sharing the gospel in KW?