Ministry Training Resources

NEXT MEETING: (Candidates only)

Thursday July 26, 7:00pm
Paul & Susan’s

Preparation for our next meeting:

1) Read Paul’s letters to Timothy I and II
I would encourage you to read these letters over a few times and familiarize yourself with Paul’s instruction to Timothy on ordering the church. Come with any questions you may have.

2) Men and Women in Ministry document (KW Redeemer)
(Document in resources list below)
This is an excerpt from out membership document and is often a point of discussion. We want to speak humbly and confidently in the Scripture’s ability to faithfully guide us in structuring both the church and our families according to the creation order. Become familiar with the Scripture proofs in this document.

3) Men and Women in Ministry document (Redeemer NYC)
(Document in resources list below)
This is a robust document that deals with the debate on the issue. You do not need to know this thoroughly, but it is important to have a basic understanding of the arguments against our Scriptural position so that we can thoughtfully respond. Give it a few reads.



Westminster Catechism

Ordu Salutis – How “The order of salvation” puts God’s grace on display

Predestined to Adoption – the doctrine of “grace alone” unpacked

Evidence for an authoritative Bible

On the Doctrine of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Men and Women in Ministry (KW Redeemer)

Men and Women in Ministry (Redeemer NYC – debate on the issue)