Ministry Training Resources


LUNCH: Candidates and Wives
Sunday November 25th
after the service
@ Paul & Susan’s

For the next number of months, you will prepare for ordination. Be encouraged! The content in the preparation documents here does not need to be memorized, just understand it well. The most important component of your exam will be bible knowledge and demonstrating an ability to be pastoral with that knowledge.

Your exam will be oral and conversational, so you can give short answers, ask for clarity etc… The guys on the presbytery and warm and loving – they’re not going to theologically haze you! (They save that for the preachers.)

If you go through the blank documents, you will quickly assess areas where you are comfortable and areas you will want to spend more time on. Note: The Book of Church Order is the size of a phonebook and you don’t need to have a deep knowledge of this. I have read it and given you a few important highlights so you have a general knowledge of how PCA churches are governed. The BCO is a helpful reference document, and something that is referred to when needed, but not in the foreground of anyone’s ministry.

Moving forward, our training meetings will consist of me testing you on this exam content as well as practical, pastoral case-study type conversations where I will present you with scenarios to help you put your bible / theological knowledge on the ground for practical ministry.


Bible Knowledge


The Authority of Scripture

Church History

Book of Church Order

BLANK DOCUMENTS for review and testing

BLANK – Bible Knowledge

BLANK – Theology

BLANK – The Authority of Scripture

BLANK – Church History

BLANK – Book of Church Order


An Overview of the Old Testament

An Overview of the New Testament

Westminster Catechism

Ordu Salutis – How “The order of salvation” puts God’s grace on display

Predestined to Adoption – the doctrine of “grace alone” unpacked

Evidence for an authoritative Bible

On the Doctrine of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Men and Women in Ministry (KW Redeemer)

Men and Women in Ministry (Redeemer NYC – debate on the issue)

An Overview of the Reformation in England

Chuck Degoat Article: The Importance of Healthy Leadership Structures

PCA Book of Church Order