Ministry Training Resources


Candidate Meeting
Thursday 13th 7:00pm
@ Paul & Susan’s

1) Read The Overview of the New Testament. Become familiar with the content and ensure that you go to the Scriptures to search out areas in which you are unsure. Come ready to discuss an aspect of this overview that was of special interest to you & any questions you may have.

2) Read The History of the English Reformation. You do not need extensive knowledge here, but a general knowledge of church history. Come ready to discuss some an aspect of church history that was of interest to you.

*** Revisit any areas of study in the resources below where you feel least familiar. You can contact me any time for a phone call, an email or a coffee to walk you through the material.

Lunch with Candidates & Wives
Sunday September 30th
@ Paul & Susan’s

Candidates & wives please join us for lunch after the service for a time of fellowship together! We will take some time to discuss the importance of healthy leadership structures and then we will close our time together with a time of prayer for the church and the city.

Our Leadership Discussion: Sadly, due to both scandals and unhealthy leadership structures, many people outside the church are skeptical of the organized church and many inside the church are hesitant to commit to the community of church.

We endeavour, by God’s grace, to be a church eldership that serves KW Redeemer with integrity and be an eldership that relates to one another with open, honest, loving accountability. Candidates and wives, please read Chuck Degoat’s article on the importance of healthy leadership structures. Chuck is Professor of Pastoral Care and Christian Spirituality at Western Theological Seminary and wrote this in response to the #MeToo, #ChurchToo movement, provoking church leaders to examine their own hearts and church structures in an effort to pastor well.


Westminster Catechism

Ordu Salutis – How “The order of salvation” puts God’s grace on display

Predestined to Adoption – the doctrine of “grace alone” unpacked

Evidence for an authoritative Bible

On the Doctrine of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit

Men and Women in Ministry (KW Redeemer)

Men and Women in Ministry (Redeemer NYC – debate on the issue)

An Overview of the New Testament

An Overview of the Reformation in England

Chuck Degoat Article: The Importance of Healthy Leadership Structures