Here’s what’s coming up …

SUMMER IS HERE! One of our ministry values at KW Redeemer is city engagement. That means whatever your interests and skills are – use them for God’s glory in this great city of ours! Enjoy your summer with family and friends and look for opportunities to share the love of God with them. Whether it’s a BBQ in your backyard or connecting for a meal on a patio in the city, may you enjoy resting in God’s grace this summer and be a minister of His grace from that rest.

Redeemer Kid Day – Summer 2017
(date & Location TBD)
RKD is for children Grades 1-5

RKD is a one day event where kids come together for an encouraging time where they are affirmed in God’s love an grace for them … as well as games, goodies and good times!

Faith & Reason  – August 2017
(date & Location TBD)
For high school & post secondary students

Is it reasonable to have Christian faith in an age of skepticism? Doesn’t science disprove the existence of God? If God is good – why is there so much suffering? We’re planning a one-day event Downtown Kitchener where students can listen to some short lectures, engage in Q&A and discussion, and then go out to enjoy the downtown food scene! Feel free to invite friends.