I believe! But also, not so much.

Mark 9 records an account where a poor boy was tormented by demons. While it’s rare to encounter the powers of darkness manifesting in that way today, Ephesians 6 teaches the powers of darkness are at work in the world everyday. When Jesus got there, some of the disciples were attempting a prayerless exorcism on this poor boy. When the boy’s father saw Jesus, he went to plead wit him for help. Not only did this set the stage for a demonstration of Christ’s power, but it gives some eyebrow raising insight… Read More


It can be a real challenge to rest in God when hard times seem to either drag on or pile on – or both. Stressful seasons provoke us to doubt God’s goodness, presence, or existence. It’s hard to recalibrate and turn to God in prayer. It can be even harder to be contemplative about what He may be doing in us because we’re consumed with everything that is happening to us. Many of us, Christian or not, are familiar with the famous passage in Mark chapter 4 when Jesus calmed the storm. The sea… Read More