A forum for discussion on theology, faith and reason in a Q&A format. Skeptics are always welcome. Come on out, order some drinks, apps and have a great time!

 Next TH@SYMP: to be determined … follow us on facebook or twitter!

Symposium Cafe
2-4 King St.
Uptown Waterloo

7:00PM – Meet & Greet
Order drinks, apps

7:30PM: – Q&A / discussion on faith & reason (submitted Q’s)
The floor is opened for live questions and discussion for around 30 minutes and then that’s it – enjoy the rest of your evening with your friends around food and conversation!

PREVIOUS TH@SYMP Discussions …

How do we reconcile faith and works? (6 min)

Freedom from “Christian karma” part 1 (6 min)

Freedom from “Christian karma” part 2 (3 min)

Is God pleased with me? What about when I sin? (5 min)

What does it mean to ‘walk worthy’ of the calling we’ve been called to? (8 min)

Is God needy? Doesn’t He need us to do things? (3 min)

Is being a member of a church important today? Why don’t I just get ‘fed’ online? (6 min)

If the bible tells us to seek knowledge, why were Adam and Eve told not to seek the tree of the knowledge of good and evil? (6 min)

Should we put guardrails on grace? (3 min)

Does man have free will? (40 min)

What about demonic activity (17 min)

If God is loving, what about hell? (22min)

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