A series of lectures exploring how God’s grace unfolds from the get-go in Genesis, culminates in Christ, continues through His church and is unveiled in Revelation. This lecture series explores the meta narrative that weaves throughout all scripture: God created everything in perfection, our sin brought damnation, in His grace, God provided redemption and in the end, He will accomplish complete restoration.

PART 1 – Creation and the Fall
Exploring ontology in Genesis

Handouts: Creation and the Fall

Lecture 1 – Creation and Fall

Lecture 2 – Creation and Fall

Lecture 3 – Creation and Fall

PART 2 – Christ & His Church
Exploring The nature, the grace and the empowering work of Christ

Handouts – Christ and His Church

Lecture 4 – Christ and His Church

Lecture 5 – Christ and His Church

Lecture 6 – Christ and His Church

Part 3 – Salvation and Eschatology
Exploring eschatology in Revelation.

Handouts – Salvation and Eschatology

Lecture 7 – Salvation and Eschatology

Lecture 8 – Salvation and Eschatology

Lecture 9 – Salvation and Eschatology