Did 1st century Christians officially join local churches? Were they formal members of congregations or were they merely informal attendees hanging out at people’s houses?

The first century church gatherings were informal, however being a member of the church wasn’t casual. When you got baptized into Christ and welcomed into a church, you were committed to those members and they were committed to you.

Membership means ministry and service. Becoming a member means becoming a provider of God’s love and extending care for other members. At KW Redeemer, we don’t see the church as an organization that offers programs, but a community willing to care for each other and our city.

The gathering of the church to celebrate the gospel of grace in Christ has been preserved and spread, generation after generation, through committed members.



Attend the next membership class – date TBD


After the membership class, take some time to discuss your decision with your family. If you are ready to make a commitment as a member of KW Redeemer, fill out a membership form and hand it into an usher at one of our services. Our pastor or one of our elders will make a meeting with you to answer any questions you may have about the church. New members are welcomed into the church during one of our worship services.