Members Are Ministers

While first century church gatherings were very informal, their commitment to one another wasn’t casual.

Membership in the early church was simple, yet powerful. After coming to faith to Christ, new believers were baptized and added to a committed community of believers. These communities cared for one another, preserved the faithful teaching of God’s word and shared the gospel of God’s grace in their communities. The redemptive arc in scripture reveals that since the beginning, God has been drawing, saving and adding people to His family.

Membership is a commitment to love and care for the people sitting around you on Sunday.

Membership is a commitment to be generous with your time and resources to ensure the gospel is preserved in our church and spread in our city for generations. Our members share in the work of making disciples by leading community groups, lead in our corporate worship and teach our children and youth.

Members are ministers.

Our Membership Process

We offer semi-annual classes to give you a comprehensive understanding of what being a member and minister at Redeemer looks like to help you make an informed decision. Here's what you can expect to learn in our membership class:

Gospel Doctrine

A teaching on the core doctrines of the Christian Faith followed by a Q&A session.

Theological Position

An overview of KW Redeemer’s theological position on a variety of topics, followed by Q&A session.

Vision & Mission

An overview of the vision and mission of KW Redeemer and a discussion around membership commitments, followed by a Q&A Session.

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