Matthew 2:1-12
The Epiphany

Matthew 3
The Redeemer Has Come

Matthew 4:1-11
The Temptation of Christ

Matthew 5:1-12
The Beatitudes – Phil Tadros, New City Church, Hamilton

Matthew 5:13-20
Salt & Light

Matthew 5:21-37
Jesus unpacks righteousness : Love & Integrity

Matthew 5:38-48
Turning the Cheek & Seeking the Good of the City

Matthew 6:1-18
The Formative Power of the Lord’s Prayer

Matthew 6:19-24
Two Treasures, Two Visions, Two Masters

Matthew 6:25-34
From Worry to Worship

Matthew 7:1-6
Restorative Judgement

Matthew 7:7-12
Asking, Seeking & Knocking

Matthew 7:21-29
The House That Stands

Matthew 8:1-27
The One who shushed a hurricane

Matthew 9:1-17
God Calls, Cleanses, Communes, Commissions

Matthew 10:5-20
Gospel Driven Mission

Matthew 11:1-30
True Rest

Matthew 11:28 – 12:21
Lord of Rest

Matthew 13:1-9,18-52
The King and His Kingdom

Matthew 14:13-33
Jesus our Companion –┬áRick Luymes, Elder, KW Redeemer

Matthew 15:1-28
Living into a Gospel narrative

Matthew 16:13-28
Living into a Gospel identity

Matthew 17:1-27
The transfiguration

Matthew 18:15-35
Moved by Mercy – Peter Vlaar, Elder, KW Redeemer

Matthew 19:13-29
The path of the disciple

Matthew 20:1-16
The Last Shall be First

Matthew 21:1-17
The King who Confronts & Comforts

Matthew 22:34-40
Love is at the Centre of the Law – Mike Anderson, PhD student, Knox Theological Seminary

Matthew 23

Religious Theatre and & Gospel Ministry

Matthew 24:1-42, 28:16-19

The Day of the Lord

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