Exile, Homecoming & Grace

No doubt you are navigating many conversations around your dinner table regarding the refugee crisis in light of recent executive orders by Mr. Trump and the far reaching ramifications of those decisions.

As I scroll through the headlines in my newsfeed, I find myself increasingly thankful that the gospel invites me to rest in a world that is at great unrest.

If Christ’s life, death, resurrection and ascension are true, then the gospel offers us an eternal perspective that informs how we relate to the issues of the world around us.

Christ has saved us in grace and will return to restore all things in grace – that’s what the gospel is. That truth draws us out of the comfort of self preservation and reorients our hearts to embrace lives of self sacrifice – that’s what the gospel does.

The gospel reminds us that this life is not all there is and the symbol of our Christian faith is a cross. The cross is an image of self sacrifice, the very antithesis of self fulfillment. The cross says, ‘Your benefit. My expense.

The poor, the outcast and the refugee among us show us our hearts because their needs are so grave, they cry out for the cross shaped love of self sacrifice.

Exile and homecoming is an inescapable gospel theme that runs from Genesis to Revelation. We were the exiles and refugees who are now being brought into an incredible, unearned homecoming by sheer grace. The exodus under Moses foreshadows the exodus of all believers united to Christ.

God didn’t evaluate us and assess our ability to become contributing citizens of His kingdom who would eventually earn our keep. What God has done for us, we cannot repay. That’s why we call His grace, ‘amazing‘.

By His Spirit, may God continue to grow His cross-shaped love in our hearts for the poor, the outcast and the refugee. More and more, may the love we show towards others say, ‘Your benefit. My expense.’

Press on,


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