Love: Your Benefit. My Expense

Paul & Susan Dunk   -  

At the time of this writing, the COVID-19 cases in our city continue to rise. While that does not warrant fear or worry for those of us convinced our lives are in the hands of God, the sobering reality of this pandemic warrants a loving response from us.

What the gospel IS – is Christ’s sin-absolving grace for us.
What the gospel DOES – is form Christ’s self-emptying love in us.

The love of God is cross shaped. Self emptying. Christ’s love takes a posture that says, I will act for your benefit at my expense.

Stay at home unless absolutely necessary? Your benefit. My expense.

Intentionally minimizing trips for groceries as opposed to whenever it suits me? Your benefit. My expense.

Fight the urge to scratch a frivolous itch, alleviate some quaratine-wrought boredom and resist going out to purchase a non essential? Your benefit. My expense.

These ordinary acts aren’t exactly Hallmark scripts, but in this moment, they are significant acts of love for the greater community. Acts that benefit the vulnerable at our expense – the expense of temporarily denying ourselves our freedoms, creature comforts and shrinking the borders of our lives for the sake of the greater community.

As we consider the vulnerable in the city, the medical professionals serving the city, and join the effort to slow the spread of this pandemic in our city, may we not disregard the quarantine protocols with myopic individuality but rather regard them as small yet significant acts of love for our community.

In these challenging times may we love others, act wisely, and be ready to give a defense for our hope in Christ – the One who anchors our souls in the midst of this pandemic storm, giving us rest in this global unrest.

Press on,