Wisdom Literature

God's wisdom culminates in the grace of God's gospel and manifests in the gift of God's guidance.


Proverbs 1 – An Introduction to Wisdom Literature

Ecclesiastes 1: Ultimate Meaning

Ecclesiastes 2: Lasting Happiness

Ecclesiastes 3: Eternity in our Hearts

Ecclesiastes 4: A Handful of Quietness

Ecclesiastes 5: The Awe of God

Ecclesiastes 6: The Insatiable Appetite

Ecclesiastes 7: Existential Crisis & Gospel Hope

Ecclesiastes 8: Eat, Drink & Be Merry

Ecclesiastes 9: The Sieged City & The Forgotten Deliverer

Ecclesiastes 10: Child Kings & the King of Kings

Ecclesiastes 11: Our Smallness & God’s Greatness

Ecclesiastes 12: Creature … meet Creator


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